What are you thinking of majoring in, in college?

Chemical engineering

What are you looking forward to most playing about college lacrosse?

I am most looking forward to the high level of play and great coaching I will have so I can become a better player

What will you miss most about Tenacity Texas/BearLax?

I will most miss the people that I became friends with and the coaches that taught me so much

What is a MUST HAVE item you will be bringing with you to college?  (for your dorm room, for school/lax, etc.) 

My must have item for college are my thin warm gloves that I am able to wear under my goalie gloves, because I am going to need them in for the cold weather.

Who was your biggest lacrosse influence in Houston/Bay Area?

The person who had the biggest lacrosse influence on my and taught me the most about goalie was Coach Amy, without her I wouldn’t have had a chance of playing college.

Who is your lacrosse “idol”/role model?

My lacrosse “idol” is Devin Wills because she one of the most amazing goalies to ever play the game

What is one piece of advice you would give players for learning to handle pressure as a student-athlete?

The one piece of advice I would give players for learning how to handle pressure as a student-athlete is find one thing, whether it be a song, a saying, an activity, a memory or whatever it may be and whenever you feel that pressure remember whatever your thing is and even if you are in the middle of your most important game of the year that one thing can calm you down and relieve that pressure.

What is a piece of advice you could give underclassmen for setting goals and implementing a gameplan for becoming good at things?

Set a goal that maybe seems a little harder than you reach then work as hard as you have to in order to achieve it because the only way to find out how far you can go is to push your limits.

What does “Tenacity” mean to you?

“Tenacity” means playing with all your heart, leaving everything out on the field every game you play, and playing not just for yourself but also for your teammates.