Tenacity Project Alumnae

Alumni are our ambassadors to the world.  They take what it means to be part of the community, distill it into their own unique brand of something—tenacity, say, or resilience, or empowerment—and they bring it with them wherever they go.  Someone in Saratoga, New York has probably never heard of the Tenacity Project, but just might share a class with Tess Mattimore.  A little girl in Scotland will probably never wear a Tenacity uniform, but her coach, Lauren Goerz, will show her what it takes to be a fighter, a teammate, a champion, a woman.

In 2007, Tenacity had 80 players, ranging in commitment and skill levels.  I imagine it a little like a kaleidoscope—the individual pieces shifting like crazy, the colors (the message) big and beautiful and strangely consistent.  By 2017, we had 800 girls participating in team programs and thousands impacted by our camps, clinics, tournaments, and coach/player development initiatives.  We’ve graduated over 225 girls in the Bay Area, Houston, Portland, and Sacramento with over 100 girls playing at the college level. Tenacity Alumni are playing at every level, in programs around the country such as; Boston College, Cal, Claremont, Duke, Penn, Princeton, USC, Williams, and many more… They’re pursuing big dreams and we’re proud to have helped pushed them out of the start gate.  The kaleidoscope is bigger now, with new windows, new arms, new shards of color all over the world, the pieces everywhere a little more fixed, the light more constant, but still—bright!  So thanks, alumni.  You’re kind of our greatest product.

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Teams currently represented by Tenacity Alumni:
Aurora, Boston College, Cal Berkeley, Chapman, Claremont McKenna, Coast Guard Academy, Colgate, College of the Holy Cross, Colorado, Colorado Mesa, CSU: Pueblo, Davenport, Dickinson, Duke, ECU, Fort Lewis, Fresno State, Hartford, High Point, Marist, Marquette, Ohio State, Oregon, Penn, Pfeiffer, Presbyterian, Princeton, Randolph Macon, Redlands, Robert Morris, Roanoke, Rockhurst, Saint Mary’s College, Salisbury, San Diego State, Santa Clara, Stanford, Stevens Institute of Tech, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UCLA, UConn, University of Arizona, University of Indianapolis, University of Notre Dame, University of Houston, US Air Force Academy, University of Southern California, Vassar, Villanova, William and Mary, Williams, Winthrop.

Alumni! Send us your highlights, pictures, updates, and tag The Tenacity Project in your social media posts! We are so proud of you! 

Tenacity Alumni Games to Watch!

March 26-April 1, 2018

Monday, March 26

Tenacity Alum D1 Matchups

FSU at Presbyterian 3:00pm

UC Davis at Radford 4:00pm

Oregon at Towson 6:00pm

Tuesday, March 27

Tenacity Alum D1 Matchups

Marist at Yale 6:00pm

SDSU at Delaware 4:00pm

Tenacity Alum D3 Matchups

Coast Guard vs Elms 7:00pm

Dickinson vs Bryn Mawr 7:00pm

Pfeiffer at Methodist 3:00pm

Redlands vs Depauw 7:00pm

Salisbury at Wesley 4:00pm


Wednesday, March 28

Tenacity Alum D1 Matchups

High Point vs Drexel 4:00pm

Ohio State vs Robert Morris 4:00pm

Oregon at Vanderbilt 3:00pm

UC Davis at James Madison 5:00pm

W & M at Liberty 6:00pm

Tenacity Alum D3 Matchups

Aurora at Augustana 7:00pm

CMS vs George Fox 7:00pm

Randolph-Macon at Christopher Newport 7:30pm

Roanoke vs MIT 7:00pm

Salisbury vs F & M 4:00pm

Stevens at Wesleyan 6:00pm

Thursday, March 29

Tenacity Alum D1 Matchups

Colorado at Denver 7:00pm

FSU at Radford 5:00pm

Princeton vs Syracuse 5:00pm

Tenacity Alum D2 Matchups

Colorado-Mesa vs COLO.-Colorado Springs 4:00pm

Davenport vs Concordia-St. Paul 4:00pm

U of Indianapolis at Grand Valley State 7:00pm

Tenacity Alum D3 Matchups

Williams vs Union 2:00pm

Vassar at FDU-Florham 6:30pm


Friday, March 30

Tenacity Alum D1 Matchups

ASU vs Stanford 5:00pm

Cal at USC 1:00pm

ECU vs. Drexel 12:00pm

SDSU at Mount St. Mary’s 1:00pm

Tenacity Alum D2 Matchups

CSU-Pueblo at Florida Tech 7:00pm

Tenacity Alum D3 Matchups

Dickinson vs York 4:00pm

Roanoke vs Lynchburg 4:00pm

Saturday, March 31

Tenacity Alum D1 Matchups

BC at Virginia 12:00pm

Duke at Syracuse 12:00pm

Hartford vs New Hampshire 10:00am

High Point vs Radford 3:00pm

Marist vs Monmouth 3:00pm

Ohio State vs Penn State 12:00pm

Presbyterian at Liberty 1:00pm

Princeton at Delaware 3:00pm

UC Davis at W & M 12:00pm

Winthrop vs Longwood 2:00pm

Tenacity Alum D2 Matchups

Colorado-Mesa vs Regis 1:00pm

CSU-Pueblo at Tampa 3:00pm

Davenport vs Northern Michigan 12:00pm

Fort Lewis at Adams State 1:00pm

U of Indianapolis at Tiffin 12:00pm

Rockhurst at Lindenwood 1:00pm

Tenacity Alum D3 Matchups

Chapman vs Redlands 7:00pm

Coast Guard at Emerson 10:30am

Randolph-Macon vs W & L 1:00pm

Salisbury Southern VA 11:00am

Stevens vs St. John Fisher 12:00pm

Vassar vs Clarkson 1:00pm

Sunday, April 1

Tenacity Alum D1 Matchups

Cal at Arizona State 12:00pm

ECU vs. Oregon 12:00pm

Penn vs Northwestern 12:00pm

USC vs Stanford 2:00pm

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