Be Better

"Our futures are always tied to others, so we must work to make the team better.  The community must be part of the plan."

“If you are standing still, you might as well be moving backwards.”

I must have heard it at some point, so I say it myself.  And I believe it. My favorite definition of happiness is somewhere in a Shawn Achor book or podcast where he defines it as, “the joy we feel in the pursuit of our full potential.”  The pursuit, to me, is moving forward- even if it’s just an inch at a time. Happiness is not static, it’s not an end.  It’s the effort, or the means.  

We are challenging our 2018 Tenacity Teams to KEEP MOVING this time of year.  

  • Show up.
  • Get the most out of NOW.
  • Have a vision for NEXT.

It takes bravery to keep moving forward and to keep getting better.  It takes bravery because most of us are fighting a fear of failure, disappointment, loss, trusting others.  But we address fear with action, and ACTION is exactly what we need to become the best version of ourselves.  

The simplest things can be the hardest things, but I go back to SHOWING UP.  It is hard to get out of bed some days, it’s hard to get out to the track, and it can be hard to even come to practice.  But it’s important, and it leads to #2 which is GETTING THE MOST OUT OF NOW.  Being fully present is the way to get the most reward out of being on a team, and it takes intentional action like showing curiosity about others, cheering for others, and challenging others.  

The future can be the scariest, but if we can compartmentalize the present for some portion of each week, we can be strategic about the future.  Quite often in planning for the future, the idea of relying on others at any point feels like something we should avoid… but we cannot.  Our futures are always tied to others, so we must work to make the team better.  The community must be part of the plan.

The Tenacity Project is pursuing better.  The girls who are engaging fully in the Practice Leader program, working on their fitness and fundamentals outside of practice, and engaging fully at practices- they are moving forward.  The Tenacity players make it exciting, and they are the proof that it is possible to win AND do good. We are not like any other youth sports program, we are not like any other non-profit.  We are Tenacity, and we continue to find ways to do be better.

How can you BE BETTER in 2019?



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