What are you thinking of majoring in, in college?

I will major in Business Administration with emphasis in either Management or economics at Longwood University

What are you looking forward to most playing about college lacrosse?

I’m looking forward to playing with and against the best lacrosse players in both Big South Conference and in the country.

What will you miss most about Tenacity Texas / BearLax?

I will really miss my BearLax 2015 Blue teammates the most. I consider them my best friends. I hope to see them every summer at BearLax summer camps.

What is a must have item you will be bringing with you to college?

It has to be my complete ice hockey gear. Hopefully, I can find an ice rink where I can skate once in a while.

Who is your biggest influence in Houston / Bay?

Coach Ann Weitz — she coached me at U13 & U15… She developed my interest in playing lacrosse.

What is one piece of advice you would give players to handle pressure as a student athlete?

To be organized both in school and athletics — Complete all your assignments on time, study in advance to avoid being too stressed.

What is a piece of advice you could give to underclassmen for setting goals and implementing a game plan for becoming good at things?

Set a goal and work as hard as you can to reach that goal. Don’t let anybody tell you or make you feel that your goal is impossible…..

What does ” Tenacity ” mean to you?

For me, ” Tenacity ” means playing with grit, not giving up no matter what the score is… you push yourself to the absolute limits…