What are you thinking of majoring in, in college?

I will be majoring in Liberal Studies/Education with a minor in business.

What are you looking forward to most playing about college lacrosse?

Not only am I looking forward to playing more lacrosse, but I am also excited to meet an awesome group of girls who have common interests as me and build solid, life long friendships with my future teammates!

What will you miss most about BearLax?

I will miss the coaches! All of the BearLax coaches are amazing and I will definitely miss their coaching styles and their personalities on and off the field.

What is a MUST HAVE item you will be bringing with you to college?

My one must have item is my hotel slippers.  I have quite the collection, I wear them everywhere… but mainly to and from lax practices or games.  Whenever I go to a hotel, I find as many as I can 🙂

Who was your biggest lacrosse influence in the Bay Area?

My biggest lacrosse influence is Courtney Neff.  Courtney plays D1 lacrosse at UC Davis and I’ve  looked up to her since my freshman year.  She has taught me how to be a team player while also enjoying the game.  I also have her to thank for some crazy workouts and improvement on my stick skills.

What is one piece of advice you would give players for learning to handle pressure as a student-athlete?

Try your hardest to stay on top of your schoolwork while also have fun playing your game!  But don’t bring your stress to the field… leave it behind when you’re out there!

What is a piece of advice you could give underclassmen for setting goals and implementing a gameplan for becoming good at things?

My advice to underclassmen is to set your goals high and listen to your coaches.  Always push yourself and your teammates in a positive way in order to be the best player you can be and accomplish the goals of both yourself and your teammates.  Your coaches know 1000x more than you, so it’s in your best interest to listen to them!

What does “Tenacity” mean to you?

To me, tenacity means never giving up and staying strong and intense through the whole game.  Go after those ground balls!!!!!!!!