The Game Changer Program

Empowering girls through the sport of lacrosse.

Sponsor a Girl to "Play With Tenacity"

 Join the GAME CHANGER PROGRAM to empower girls through sports by providing opportunities for student-athletes to participate in programs where they will learn to compete and thrive on and off the athletic field.

The Tenacity Project strives to empower, educate, and inspire girls through the sport of lacrosse. We believe that we can help young women navigate life’s challenges by providing a supportive environment in which they can develop the necessary tools for becoming successful on and off the field. Through these athletic programs, we can help student-athletes become adept at goal setting, problem solving, performing under pressure, and working well with others. It is important that our athletes learn to compete hard but also gain an understanding of how to win and lose with class and grace.

Every day, girls in the Tenacity program have the opportunity to learn, train and compete because of generous donations made to the Tenacity Project. The success of our programs and our ability to open them up to more girls relies heavily on the support of our generous donors. We’re asking that all of you, who believe in the power of sports, who have experienced the tremendous impact Tenacity has had on your daughters and who believe in the goals of Tenacity, to participate in our lacrosse Game Changer Program for girls!

Game Changer Sponsorship Levels

  • Hall of Fame: $6,000

  • All-American: $3,000

  • Most Valuable Player: $1,500

  • Captain: $500

  • Teammate: Other

If you are unable to make a financial contribution but would like to help, please consider offering your time and support by volunteering to be a part of our Tenacity Extended Family.


“I can honestly say trying out, and being a part of the tenacity program was one of the best decisions I ever made. Beyond the lacrosse aspects, this program has taught me proper sportsmanship, how to network and communicate with people, and has brought me closer to people that I consider great friends and mentors. Over the past two years a lot has happened in my life and tenacity really helped me direct all of my pent up emotions to something productive and positive. The people that I have met through this program inspire me not only on the field but off it as well. Their ambition and kindness are the reasons I joined the program, and I strive to follow their example welcoming new players the same way they did.”

“Without the generosity of Tenacity Lacrosse my daughter would not be playing the sport she loves. Our family has been in financial hardship for several years. We had reached the point where our daughter would not be able to play any longer. Even with her working two jobs to help pay for club, it was too much financially for us. It was heartbreaking to see the realization sink into my daughter that she would not be able to play the sport she loves, with her best friends and see her dream of playing in college let alone possibly not being able to go to college, vanish. Because of Theresa, Wendy and the Tenacity organization, she is going to be able to realize her dream. It was the greatest gift to my daughter that I will never be able to fully thank Tenacity for. The gift goes beyond playing lacrosse. Tenacity shows love and support for the person themselves beyond the lacrosse field. The coaches’ are mentors, big sisters and great role models. Tenacity has made a real positive impact my daughter’s life.”

For more information about The Game Change Movement please read the press release HERE.

We hope you will consider joining our Game Changer Movement and greatly appreciate your willingness to help provide each and every girl an opportunity to play and live with Tenacity! Questions or concerns please contact