What are you thinking of majoring in, in college?

Industrial Technology in the Business School

What are you looking forward to most playing about college lacrosse?

Hopefully having more of a fan base than just parents … realistically I doubt that though.

What will you miss most about Tenacity Texas/BearLax?

As cliche as it sounds, they’re my best friends so I’ll miss those freaks

What is a MUST HAVE item you will be bringing with you to college?  (for your dorm room, for school/lax, etc.) 

JammyPack/Portable Speaker

Who is your lacrosse “idol”/role model?

Lauren Schmidt because she always had the ability to articulate exactly what I was doing well or needed to improve. Also, her calves were inspirational.

What is one piece of advice you would give players for learning to handle pressure as a student-athlete?

It’s totally possible to get through the pressure, but it’s different than the “normal highschool student”. Don’t bother trying to explain what you’re going through to your school friends, they won’t understand. If you’re going to discuss your situation and stress, talk to your BearLax teammates because thankfully they’re going through the same exact process as you.

What does “Tenacity” mean to you?

“Go get em” attitude.