On Saturday, May 1st we are going to run


On this day, we invite YOU to run, donate, or cheer for as many miles as you can.
Here are your basic instructions:
  • Runners- Plan your route and spread the word to your communities about sponsoring you or cheering you on.
  • Injured Reserve- Pledge your support for a player, a coach, a team, or program.  Pledge directly to a runner, or email
On Saturday, May 1st, do your run, track your miles and take pictures:
  • Post picture 1 on your Instagram story
  • Added bonus if you have some pics of you running, post them between 1 and 2
  • For picture 2(post run), post it and then add type on the line above Miles for tenacity, type in your mile number. Please also add a hashtag anywhere on the photo that says “miles for tenacity”
  • Picture 3, upload a screenshot of whatever gps running app you use. Add the hashtag #milesfortenacitytrack you can make this hashtag a bit smaller, this is more for us so we can see how awesome you all did!

On Giving Tuesday, May 4:

  • Picture 1, post to your story
  • Bonus points if you have a pic of you volunteering, helping someone, or “giving”, that pic would go between 1 and 2
  • Picture 2, post this and make sure you fill in your first name, last initial, and grad year in the space provided. You’ll want to be sure people are putting your name in the venmo title, this helps us keep track of how great you do at fundraising. Be sure to ass the hashtag #tenacitygives on the post!
    Throughout the day, post your picture two and cross out the dollar amounts when people send them.

Images to post:

Saturday, post #1

Saturday, post #2

Tuesday, post #1

Tuesday, post #2