• Attend all mandatory tournaments
  • Attend at least 90% of all practice
  • Respond to Tenacity communication (emails, TeamSnap, etc.) in a timely manner
  • Commitment to fitness outside the constraints of our practices and tournaments (work out on their own)
  • Commitment to making themselves a better technical player (do stick work on their own)
  • Respect the coaches
  • Represent the organization in a positive manner at all times
  • Respect the officials


  • Respect the coaches
  • Represent the organization in a positive manner at all times
  • Respect the officials
  • Assist your daughters ability to improve, by positively helping her to:
  • Attend all mandatory tournaments
  • Attend at least 90% of practices
  • Respond to Tenacity communication (emails, TeamSnap, etc.) in a timely manner
  • Commitment to fitness outside the constraints of our practices and tournaments (work out on their own)
  • Commitment to making themselves a better technical player (do stick work on their own)


We encourage athletes to speak on their own behalf, address issues with the appropriate individual. When dealing with an athletic issue, we expect the athlete to talk with the coach directly, especially in the case of playing time. If the issue cannot be resolved, or if it pertains to the health and well-being of a student, a parent should feel free to contact the coach to discuss the concern.


Player evaluations will be completed on a formal basis: once after the summer season, and again at the end of the fall. Players will be instructed to follow up their evaluations. Coaches will Conduct BRIEF face to face meetings with each player shortly after evaluations are completed.

We encourage self-evaluation in players and hold them accountable for workout calendars, Tenacity game plans and other things we want them to complete during “shoulder seasons” (i.e. periods when we don’t have many practices).


What is COVERED:

  • A minimum # of practices (depending on the team)
  • Tournament registration for the mandatory tournaments
  • Coaches pay and coaches travel
  • Practice shirt, shorts and socks
  • Facilities and team equipment
  • Tenacity Project members may opt in or opt out of college counseling guidance beyond the basic level of support offered to all players.

What is NOT covered:
Membership fees do not include meals, rental cars, or hotel rooms on trips to tournaments.


Players will have the option to travel “with the team” or not. If players cannot travel with their own families, they can either go with a teammate and her family and split costs with them, OR pay fees to Tenacity Project for us to chaperone them. Players who “travel with the team” will split the costs of the hotel rooms (players will be in rooms of 4) and rental cars, and then bring money for food. Players traveling with the team must buy a ticket on the flight the coaches are on, or on one that arrives around the same time as the coaches in order to get a ride to the team hotel. The other option is to meet us at the hotel. Travel information will be posted on the TeamSnap site for families to refer to after the initial email with all of the deadlines, etc.


We have a no refund policy for Tenacity Project teams except in cases of injury or illness that will prevent participation on the team for a long-term period. In the case of injury, we will refund families minus any expenses we have already incurred at that point. If a player fails to show up for mandatory events, or pay for programs (unless under financial aid), she will be removed from her team without the guarantee of a refund.


Oasys is the management system we use for registration for ALL teams, camps, clinics and tournaments. Since we use this system, any bill you receive will read “Oasys Sports”.


The Financial Aid process will be run through the Tenacity Project which is the 501c3 established to provide opportunities for more student-athletes to participate, regardless of their ability to pay for camps, teams, or other programs.


TeamSnap provides online organizational services and mobile applications for sports teams and activity-based groups. Through its services and mobile apps, TeamSnap helps Tenacity Project teams manage various group activities with the assistance of email, text messaging, and other features.


Each year our athletes must sign a medical waiver and a photographer’s release in order to play in our programs.


All Tenacity Project Coaches played or coached at the collegiate level, and a number of our staff members competed at the highest level possible in women’s lacrosse – Team USA. Tenacity Project coaches and guest trainers must have experience in WOMEN’S lacrosse specifically, and have all gone through training with Theresa Sherry and Tenacity Project. The Tenacity Project system is one that maintains consistent language, drills, and philosophies throughout all of the age groups and levels. We feel this consistency aids the player transition between teams and coaches throughout multiple years with our program.


 We have a no refund policy for all of our programs except in cases of injury or sickness during the event. In the case of injury, we will refund families minus any processing fees we have already incurred at that point.


All Tenacity Project event participants MUST be current members of US Lacrosse. Please go to www.uslacrosse.org to look up your member # or to sign up. Most youth and high school programs require this membership as well, so make sure you check to see if you are already registered before creating a new account!


We aim to provide a 10:1 Camper to Counselor ratio in our Tenacity Project camps and clinics. In our summer leagues, we want at least one coach per team (15-16 players), but the 10:1 ratio usually ends up being consistent across all of our programs.


For all Tenacity Project Summer Leagues, Fall Ball, Clinics and Training Camps, players will need a stick, goggles, a mouth guard, and appropriate footwear (cleats or turfs). We can provide extra sticks and goggles upon request, but each participant must purchase their own mouth guard.


The Tenacity Project is a safe place for the growth and development of young women. To that end, we require our employees to report any suspected abuse. Furthermore, because our corporate entity is domiciled in California, and in accordance to their reporting laws, if we have a reason to believe that a child has been subjected to abuse or neglect, we are legally obligated to follow these steps:

Screen shot 2016-02-26 at 9.55.42 AM


The Tenacity Project discourages our full-time employees and independent contractors from “friending” or participating in the social networking sites of athletes or parents/guardians of current players in our programs. The Tenacity Project expects that our employees’ relationship with athletes and parents will remain on a professional level.

We encourage you to retweet, “favorite”, “like”, share, and comment on posts. Our goal is to gain more followers and to interact with our players on platforms they understand and enjoy using.

Encourage the players to follow our social media platforms, as we will be posting useful information for them such as: healthy living articles, stick skills articles, college articles, etc.

Twitter: TenacityProject
Instagram: TenacityProject
Facebook: TenacityProject
Pinterest: TenacityProject
#Tenacity10, #PlayWithTenacity


A Tenacity athlete represents her team, family, community and ultimately “whole self” on and off the field. A player’s behavior in public and in private, including on weekdays and weekends should not reflect negatively on herself or her club. The Tenacity Project does not support the use of illegal drugs, including tobacco, and/or alcohol and appropriate consequences will be determined by the coaching staff. Breach of this policy could lead to disciplinary action.

The Tenacity Project is a private 501(C3) company and has the right to refuse service for any reason at any time.

The Tenacity Project

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