Girls Lacrosse Programs Near Bay Area, CA

One of the most popular sports around is girls lacrosse. This is a sport where two teams carry a ball with sticks and the objective is to throw a ball into a net. It is quite similar to soccer in which there are two teams looking to score more goals than the other. When looking to succeed in the sport of lacrosse, one of the things players, coaches and teams will benefit from is training. Anyone who is looking to get the best training possible will want to consider attending girls lacrosse camps offered by Tenacity. With the girls lacrosse camps offered by Tenacity, female lacrosse players will be able to improve their skills as well as stay in top physical condition.

When receiving training from Tenacity, girls lacrosse players will have the opportunity to attend camps, clinics and participate in leagues during the fall and summer seasons. During these seasons, there will be plenty of girls lacrosse club teams that will compete against each other. The various girls lacrosse club teams will have the opportunity to develop player skills, improve performance and provide excellent preparation for future seasons and the college level. Therefore, the lacrosse camps, clinics and leagues will provide girls with plenty of opportunities to get the most out of their experience playing lacrosse.

As part of a girls lacrosse club, participants will have a great opportunity to get involved in national competition as well as travel. With the national competition, members of a girls lacrosse club will have the opportunity to test their abilities against other competitors outside of their locale. This will help them develop more as players and teams and also allow them to get recognition throughout the entire nation. With this recognition, girls who play lacrosse can be in position to get the attention of college scouts and possibly get the opportunity to play at the college level on a scholarship.

Anyone who is looking to be a member of one of the girls lacrosse teams near Bay Area will have the opportunity to get extensive offseason training. The training players get in the offseason will allow them to get better so that they can perform at a higher level during the upcoming season. With this extensive training during the offseason, members of girls lacrosse teams near Bay Area will have the opportunity to get in shape, sharpen their skills and also get to know fellow players which can help them establish good team chemistry for the upcoming season. Girls who are looking to get the most out of their experience playing lacrosse will benefit by getting extensive offseason training offered by Tenacity.

One of the top benefits of training with Tenacity is that, girls lacrosse players will get guidance with college recruiting. Since there will likely be a number of players who are among the best at the high school level and plan to play in college, the assistance with college recruiting will be very helpful. As a result, girls who are looking to get recruited to play lacrosse for top college programs will have the assistance they need by taking advantage of the guidance provided by Tenacity.

Girl’s Lacrosse Program Options in California

Are you looking for a Girls Lacrosse program near the Bay Area in California? Tenacity Project offers Lacrosse programs exclusively for girls. We offer various programs in the San Francisco Bay Area that include:

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Tenacity Elite

Our Tenacity Elite programs offer national competition and travel, having the most intense off season experience, and guidance with the college recruiting process. Teams practice once a week with the season running from April-January. All teams have an elite coaching staff. Depending on each location, team ages range from a high school graduation year of 2017-2023 with a potential for a Blue and Green team within each age group. Below you will find specific information about each Tenacity Elite location.

Camps, Clinics, & Leagues

Advance your game and join us in one of our 1 day clinics, 4 day camps, or eight week summer leagues! Our elite staff will focus on teaching ground balls, stick work, dodging, shooting, defense, draw work, rules of the game, and more! Groups are age and skill level specific and are designed for players to develop new techniques, and enhance existing skills.