Girls Lacrosse Programs in Houston, Texas

If you’re looking for a girls lacrosse team, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re practically a pro or if you’ve never even held a lacrosse stick, the benefits of playing lacrosse are practically endless and it is never too late to get started.

Our Texas lacrosse programs for girls provide school aged girls with the opportunity to meet new people, forge lasting friendships, learn new skills and improve skills already learned. We all know how important physical activity is for our bodies and minds. Lacrosse is a very active sport, helping to ensure that each girl is able to get a good amount of exercise to keep them in shape and healthy. It can also help to build healthy habits that will last a life time.

No matter your age or skill level, we strive to provide the best girls lacrosse near Houston that we can. We offer a few different programs which allow us to cater to your specific age and skill level.

Our Elite program (Tenacity Elite) is a girls travel lacrosse team that will give you the opportunity to compete in national competitions as well as help you with college recruiting process. Tenacity Elite is great for anyone who is serious about lacrosse and perfect for those who want to continue to play in college or even professionally. The Elite season runs from April through January and also provides an intense off season experience.

Tenacity Select offers competitive teams that practice once a week and participate in state tournaments, but have a shorter season. This program is great for those with already busy schedules and girls who are just beginning or trying lacrosse for the first time or those who participate in other sports in addition to lacrosse. There are two season options, a summer and a fall season. The summer season runs May to July and the Fall season is from August through December.

During the summer, if you want to work on dodging, ground balls, stick work, shooting defense, or any of a number of other things, Tenacity also offers 1 day clinics, 4 day camps and 8 week leagues during the summer.

Tenacity Lacrosse for Girls

Are you looking for a Girls Lacrosse program near Houston in Texas? Tenacity Project offers Lacrosse programs exclusively for girls. We offer various programs in the Houston Area that include:

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Tenacity Elite

Our Tenacity Elite programs offer national competition and travel, having the most intense off season experience, and guidance with the college recruiting process. Teams practice once a week with the season running from April-January. All teams have an elite coaching staff. Depending on each location, team ages range from a high school graduation year of 2019-2025 with a potential for a Blue and Green team within each age group. Below you will find specific information about each Tenacity Elite location.

Camps, Clinics & Leagues

Advance your game and join us in one of our 1 day clinics, 4 day camps, or eight week summer leagues! Our elite staff will focus on teaching ground balls, stick work, dodging, shooting, defense, draw work, rules of the game, and more! Groups are age and skill level specific and are designed for players to develop new techniques, and enhance existing skills.