Tenacity Elite: Girls Lacrosse in Sacramento

Sacramento 2018 Teams
  • High School Blue, High School Green, 14U, and 12U – each going to about 4 tournaments
  • Players will be evaluated based on this past year’s progress, performance, attendance, and coachability. They will also be judged on the tryout day’s demonstration of fitness, ability to execute under pressure, and strength compared to competition within the graduation class and position (A/M/D/GK)
Don’t forget to register for 2018 Tryouts! CLICK HERE to sign up for tryouts that will happen on Sunday, February 4th at Mather Sports Complex from 1:30-3:30. Tell all your friends and spring teammates too.
Financial Aid IS available for any program fee, travel, and/or equipment and this includes Super Teams.  CLICK HERE for the Tenacity 2018 Financial Aid Application!
**Please contact me ASAP if you have conflicts with any of the tournaments, and/or the tryout date.
**We will be making decisions about Tenacity Super Teams (Tenacity All American Teams) at the Feb 4th tryouts, so returners must get to there be considered. The Super teams will be made up of the top players in each grade and will be invited to play with the 5-8 girls from the same grade in other Tenacity regions at additional national events.
*If you do NOT make a team or can’t COMMIT to a team, you could play in Summer Leagues, Fall Balls, and on House Teams for Tenacity at Tournaments. We also have a network of current and former players interested in doing private lessons, so you can stay in the Tenacity Family!
We want to emphasize finding the FIT this time of year

Tenacity Elite Sacramento teams practice on Sundays at Mather Field in Cordova. For more information about the practice schedule please visit your Team Snap account. 

If you have questions or concerns please contact admin@tenacityproject.org