Girl’s Lacrosse Summer Tournament: Summer Splash

The Summer Splash hosts girls’ youth and high school club teams from all over the west coast as they finish out the Summer season


July 22nd-23rd, 2017


4 games guaranteed
2×22 minute running halves with a five minute halftime


Morgan Hill Outdoor Sports Center- 16500 Condit Road, Morgan Hill, CA
*Parking is $5, plan on arriving early to find a spot


Please check this page for most updated list of colleges attending


Division placement is under the discretion of each team’s coach. Tournament directors will be confirming levels and age groups prior to game scheduling. Divisions and bracketing will put similar levels and age groups together as much as possible in order to ensure a challenging, but positive experience for every player. 

Division 1 –  Varsity Advanced
Top Varsity level players and teams made up of elite college prospects

Division 2 – Varsity Competitive
Mix of Varsity players and teams with some college prospects

Division 3 – JV Competitive
JV Level or High School Freshmen

Division 4 – Middle School Advanced
Elite 6th, 7th, & 8th graders

Division 5 – Middle School Competitive 
Advanced 4th & 5th and Intermediate 6th & 7th graders

Division 6 – Elementary School Players
7v7 Play & Single Day Competition


$1,500 (Divisions 1, 2, & 3)
$1,200 (Divisions 4 & 5)


We will be playing by US Lacrosse Rules in ALL Divisions

DIVISION 1,2,&3: US Lacrosse High School Rules (Full Checking)  
DIVISION 4: US Lacrosse Youth Rules including modified checking and 3 seconds good defense-UNLESS both teams agree to play USL U-15 rules, including Full Checking. Note a check to the head in U-15 rules is a mandatory red card.
DIVISION 5: US Lacrosse Youth Rules, including modified checking and 3 seconds good defense rules. There will be NO 3-pass rule.


  • A stick check will be done for teams playing their first game of the day, not before every game.
  • Yellow/Red cards will be tracked and timed at the table.
  • When the central horn sounds, the half is over.
  • There is no extended time to complete 8M shots or any other play-unless the game is a tied game.
  • Teams playing short-handed due to roster size issues or injury do not have to keep 4 players out over the restraining line. Let them have 7 players in, minus any players that are out for misconduct.
  • Games will be 2, 22 minute running halves with a 5 minute halftime.


Vendors onsite will include Sling It Lacrosse (selling Tenacity gear!), The One Love Foundation, Muscle Milk, Synpr, Lacrosse Fanatics, Fine Designs, and a number of food and smoothie vendors.

Please feel free to contact Theresa Sherry or Chelsea Randel anytime at Summer Splash is a girl’s lacrosse tournament for teams all over the country, and will have participants from California, Texas,Oregon, Washington, and Colorado.