Our vision is to equip athletes with the tools
to embrace adversity on and off the field.

The Project

What is tenacity? It’s the BEST of you, the TRUTH of you, the TOUGHEST of you, the HARD WORK and the PERSISTENCE of you. It’s the grip you hold firm on your hopes and dreams, the unique spirit and enthusiasm you pack into the pursuit of little and big goals and the strength of character you display en route to all of it.

To be tenacious is to be audacious in your wondering and curious in your wandering, to be persistent and resistant, reactive and proactive. It’s the stuff of finding all the reasons to believe and all the ways to RISE. Tenacity is what underdogs are made of.

The Tenacity Project is an initiative that empowers girls to #LiveWithTenacity through the sport of lacrosse.



Tenacity is helping to build grassroots youth organizations, develop coaches and players so that “non-traditional” lacrosse areas can become powerhouses and go from having little representation on college and international team rosters, to equal representation. The Tenacity model allows for:

  • Cutting edge curriculum
  • Highly trained coaches
  • Efficient weekly team training
  • Individual skill session work
  • Access to the top players in the game
  • Finding the right FIT
  • Complimentary programs that support involvement in other sports

Combined with our focus on the whole person, Tenacity players leave practice with skills to serve them both on and off the field.


Tenacity players are trained, tracked, and given feedback on Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Mental aspects of the game of lacrosse, and specifically their game. Our practices are designed to offer efficient team training, individual skill session work, and complementary programs that allow players to get more reps. Growth and an emphasis on finding the fit is the goal.


The Way of Tenacity is about living a healthy lifestyle and developing fitness, nutrition and wellness habits that last beyond organized sports team experiences. It’s about finding the FIT when it comes to team commitments related to skill level, location, and intensity. It’s about the process of figuring out how to figure things out, what commitment and follow through means as life gets more complicated and how honesty (with self and others) is the critical key in gaining core confidence and the courage to dream and do big.


Tenacity Alumnae

Tenacity Project currently has 100+ Alumnae on more than 50 NCAA rosters across the country!



We work with community partners to educate, empower and activate young people.  The Tenacity Project is on a mission to provide opportunities to girls both on and off the lacrosse field, helping them develop the tools they need to be independent, confident, BRAVE, successful young women and make the choices they need to sustain healthy, happy lives. We seek to use sports as a vehicle for teaching valuable life lessons to girls of all ages.

Our team

Tenacity’s full time staff have experience at the highest levels of women’s lacrosse. Many individuals on our staff have been successful as high school and college coaches as well, earning coach of the year honors, developing nationally ranked teams, working with High School All Americans, and winning conference championships.



3x All-American at Princeton University

Theresa founded Tenacity Project as a way to empower girls through sports. She has won 2 NCAA Championships, 4 Ivy League Championships in lacrosse, and 3 Ivy League Championships in soccer. Theresa has dedicated the past 10+ years to empowering, training, and preparing young female athletes for the world, both on and off the field. She has coached at Smith College, Amherst College, and The University of California, Berkeley, earning MPSF Coach of the Year in 2008 for Cal.

Additional achievements include IWLCA Midfielder of the Year in 2004, the Ivy League Player of the Year, and a Tewaaraton Finalist. In 1999, she was the MVP of the Under-19 World Cup Championship for the U.S. Team.


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