UCLA | 2022
Major: Cognitive Science, Specialization in Computing
High School Grad Year: 2018

Favorite LAX memory/moment:
My favorite, or actually most meaningful, lax moment is when our season got cancelled because of Covid just before playoffs and nationals. Our UCLA club team was ending the season ranked number one and I cried for hours, for multiple days when it was clear Covid wasn’t going away. We had such a special team, with incredibly talented seniors leading the way. From the first practice that season we worked our butts off and reminded each other that we had a chance to do something great with this team. The unexpected emotions of the season getting cancelled showed me how much playing lacrosse really means to me, something I don’t think I realized until I couldn’t play for the first time in 8 years.

Any advice for current Tenacity Players?
One Tenacity practice, we were all gathered on the turf, Theresa giving us a pep talk after an exhausting run test and she said, “what will make you great is the work you do when no one is watching.” This is something I have never forgotten and has helped motivate me not only for early morning workouts, but in all aspects of life, especially in college. There aren’t always going to be people praising you for your hard work or guiding you to reach your goals, and the motivation to take action has to come from within. For me, playing club lacrosse there are no trainers or team workouts, and going to a large university, you are one of thousands of people and no one is going to hold your hand. I think this is some of the best advice I have gotten, and now hope to pass on, because its so true that the extra work that you put in, after everyone else has got home, or not yet woken up, will help you reach your goals in all aspects of life.