Play with Tenacity


What is Tenacity Project?

Tenacity Project is a nonprofit youth lacrosse organization focused on using sports to teach life lessons, promote whole person development, and empower young women. We offer various programs including regional POB Academies, national travel teams, and seasonal camps and clinics.

What regions does Tenacity have programs in?

Our 2 largest regions are Utah and Northern CA, but we operate POBs and have National Team players in Washington, Oregon, Texas, Florida, Nevada, and Wyoming.

What is POB Academy?

POB stands for Pursuit of Better Academy and is elite regional training led by regional college coaches, Tenacity Alumea, and Tenacity coaching staff. POB is meant to feel like private lessons in a small group environment where there is a hyper focus on fundamental stick skills and LAX IQ.

Is POB for me?

POB is for intermediate to advanced players who are looking to improve their individual stick skills. POB is open to all lacrosse players, regardless of what club you play for and is a great way to supplement your local club team practices.

How do I make a National Team?

We typically hold tryouts for our 3 younger teams and we recruit and invite players to join our 3 older teams. If you are interested in playing on a national team, you should fill out the National Team interest form on our website, sign up to receive our emails, and follow us on instagram for updates.

When are tryouts for the National Team?

We typically only hold tryouts for our younger teams and do so in January for the Summer teams and in July for the Fall teams. Make sure you are signed up to receive our newsletters and follow us on instagram for updates.

Why don’t the National Teams have team practice?

Our national teams are elite travel squads who are made up of the most talented and committed players in their regions. Our teams are composed of players from CA, UT, WA, OR, WY, TX, NA, and FL. In lieu of team practice, we hold regional POB Academy training and an overnight National Team Camp prior to the Summer tournament season. We are planting the seed of individual work done outside of practice to enhance performance of the individual and the team.  This is a required skill for high performance at the collegiate level of lacrosse.

What does a National Team Player get with their membership?

Our teams are evaluated 2x a year, Summer and Fall. As a rostered national team player you get 2-4 tournaments each season depending on your grad year, team camp, POB Academy in your region, Famer virtual coaching app, and for upperclassmen younge a premium IWLCA recruiting profile and are eligible to buy one of our college counseling packages.

What does it mean to be a National Team Alternate?

Our teams are predominately made up of 20 rostered players and 5-8 alternates. Alternates are not guaranteed tournament play, but their membership includes Team Camp, POB, LIT4Women, and Famer.

What are their college counseling packages all about?

We offer 3 college counseling packages designed to guide our players in finding the best fit for them, both academically and as a collegiate athlete. Each package begins with an initial consultation to determine what package makes sense based on the aspirations, ability and mindset of the athlete.  You can read more about what each package includes and costs on our website.