From Tenacity Project to college and beyond


At Tenacity, players learn the tools and life skills necessary to excel at the next level — as collegiate athletes, students, professionals, and community leaders. Our alumni carry our mission forward, as they become mentors of the next generation and ambassadors of Tenacity around the world.

To date, Tenacity has graduated over 700 girls in the Bay Area, Texas, Oregon, Washington and Utah with over 400 girls who have played or are currently playing at the collegiate level. At Tenacity, our alumni are the mission and the product; the soul and the spirit of why we do what we do.

The accomplishments of our Tenacity alumni speak for themselves:

  • 100 percent of our Tenacity program graduates have gone to college
  • Over 400 Tenacity alumni have played lacrosse at the collegiate level
  • 4 Tenacity players have represented the U-19 US National Team
  • 2 Tenacity players have won gold at the U-19 World Cup
  • 2 Tenacity players compete in the AUPro Women’s Professional Lacrosse league
Over 100 collegiate lacrosse programs have been represented by Tenacity alumni, including:

Adams State University
Amherst College
Aurora University
Bates College
Boise State University
Boston College
Bringham Young University
Brown University
Bucknell University
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Catholic University of America
Central Michigan University
Chapman University
Claremont McKenna College
Clemson University
Colby College
Colgate University
College of William & Mary
Colorado College
Colorado Mesa University
Colorado State University Pueblo
Columbia University
Connecticut College
Cornell University
Dartmouth College
Davidson College
Delaware State University
Dickinson College
Duke University
Eastern Carolina University
Emory University
Fort Lewis College
Fresno State University
George Fox University
George Washington University
Georgetown University
Hamilton College
Harvard University
Harvey Mudd College
Haverford College
Holy Cross University
Kenyon College
Knox College
Lafayette College
Lindenwood University
Linfield University
Long Island University
Marquette University
Missouri Western State University
Northwestern University
Notre Dame University
Occidental College
Ohio State University
Pheiffer University
Pomona Pitzer College
Presbyterian College
Princeton University
Radford University
Randolph-Macon College
Regis University
Roanoke College
Robert Morris University
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rockhurst University
Saint Joseph’s University
Saint Mary’s College
Salisbury University
San Diego State University
Santa Barbara City College
Santa Clara University
Savannah College of Art & Design
Scripps College
Skidmore College
Southwestern University
Stanford University
Stevens Institute of Technology
Swarthmore College
Texas A&M University
Trinity College
Trinity University
Tufts University
University at Albany
University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Davis
University of California, Los Angeles
University of California, Santa Barbara
University of Chicago
University of Colorado, Boulder
University of Denver
University of Detroit Mercy
University of Hartford
University of Houston
University of Indianapolis
University of Massachusetts Amherst
University of Massachusetts Lowell
University of North Carolina
University of Notre Dame
University of Oregon
University of Pennsylvania
University of Pittsburg
University of Redlands
University of Rhode Island
University of Richmond
University of San Diego
University of Southern California
University of Texas at Austin
University of the Pacific
University of Utah
University of Vermont
University of Virginia
US Coast Guard Academy
US Military Academy at West Point
US Naval Academy
Vanderbilt University
Vassar College
Villanova University
Virginia Commonwealth University
Virginia State University
Washington & Jefferson College
Washington & Lee University
Washington University in St. Louis
Wellesley College/University of Vermont
Westminster College
Whittier College
Williams College
Winthrop University

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Alex Wilson

Claremont McKenna College | 2022
Major: Economics and Finance

read more

Kaleigh Olla

UCLA | 2024
Major: Neuroscience

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Kasey Braun

University of Colorado Boulder | 2022
Major: Environmental Studies

read more

Kiana Perez

Ohio State University | 2024
Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences

read more

Charlie Rudy

CU Boulder | 2022
Major: Advertising

read more

Eliza Dean

Colby College | 2022
Major: Education and Psychology

read more

Class of 2023

Emily Brankin, University of Richmond

Haven Buechner, Virginia State University

Emily Cutler, University of Vermont

Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Radford University

Piper Galbraith, Naval Academy

Abigail Goon

Sydney Grundland Lanuza

Gabriella Hemann

Lucy Hexamer

Ella Holland, Washington & Jefferson

Lilly Hunt, Bringham Young University

Olivia Janerico, Colorado College

Avery Janosky

Ava Kimche, Columbia University

Taiten Kolpin

Grace Lemelin

Presley Masters, Colorado Mesa University

Paige Morgan, Claremont McKenna College

Brinley Myers, University of Rhode Island

Sophie Neff

Victoria Pahland

Alexandra Petroski

Allison Reading, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Madison Smith, Northwestern University

Class of 2022

Frances Anderson, Harvey Mudd College

Ella Bradley, Pomona-Pitzer College

Caitlan Brower, University of Colorado, Boulder

Kayla Conroy, UCLA

Sadie Dodson, Tufts University

Charlotte Edwards, Lafayette College

Sophie Edwards, Washington & Lee University

Margaret Fern, Pepperdine

Zoe Heffernan, Rochester Institute of Technology

Olivia Johnson, Dominican

Dylan Kayser

Jadyn Laing, University of Oregon

Ava Mark, Long Island University

Tatum Neach, San Diego State University

Elison Noto, Notre Dame University

Olivia Okamoto, Occidental College

Elsa Schutt, Tufts University

Kelly Siegal

Ella Treu, University of Denver

Anna Whitworth, Amherst College

Courtney Wong, Cal Berkeley

Class of 2021

Sadie AbuHaidar, Connecticut College

Andie Angelacci, Occidental College

Emerson Bohlig, Northwestern University

Tatum Constant, Trinity College

Grace Gebhardt, University of California, Davis

Genevieve Gibbons, Tufts University

Phoebe Griffiths

Samantha Hawthorne, University of Texas at Austin

Lauren Iorio, Saint Joseph’s University

Kendall Keblish

Amelia Livingston, Boston College

Grace McCauley, University at Albany

Phoebe Merriman

Liana Moli, Saint Joseph’s University

Kathrin Nixon, University of Denver

Emily Rose

Claudia Russell, Williams College

Alannah Scott, University of California, Davis

Samantha Smith, Northwestern University

Kate Sullivan, University of California, Davis

Caroline Welch, Pomona Pitzer College

Class of 2020

Katie Freeman, University of Oregon

Katie Koenig, University of California, Davis

Katie Lohr, Westminster College

Ella Smith, Vanderbilt University

Brooklyne Waddell

Nakeeya McCardell Clemson

Mia Barnes, Wake Forest University

Sasha Bellack, Tufts University

Azana Best

Ashley Bosch

Maggie Brosnan

Catie Grace Carrington, San Diego State University

Morgan Corah, Boise State University

Diana Dean, Colby College

Caty Debonis, University of Washington

Maria del Rosario Chan, US Coast Guard Academy

Morgan Delwiche, San Diego State University

Boo DeWitt, Dartmouth College

Marley Diligent, University of California, Davis

Paige Doyle, Davidson College

Tatum Geist

Elizabeth Griffin, Chapman University

Grace Jackson, Pomona Pitzer College

Delaney Johnson, University of San Francisco

Rachel Leonardi, Claremont McKenna College

Lily Manos, University of California, Davis

Ella Marks

Abigail Mathein, George Fox University

Isabella Mayo

Antonia Mchugh, University of San Francisco

Kendall Monkarsh

Kaleigh Olla, University of California, Los Angeles

Devon Ortman, Fresno State University

Sophie Pelton, Chapman University

Kiana Perez, Ohio State University

Lucia Pillers, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Charlotte Prendergast

Ellie Ringness, Scripps College

Gianna Rocca

Grace Rogers

Ariam Semere

Madysyn Sweeney, US Naval Academy

Audriana Templeman, Chico State University

Elizabeth Tevis, Trinity College

Marena Tharpe, Chapman University

Emma Webb

Kendall Weingart

Lauren Westergren, San Diego State University

Page Wolfenden, Davidson College

Skyla Yoho, Colorado State University Pueblo

Class of 2019

Anika Adzich, University of Southern California

Essie Atherton, Brown University

Sylvia Barmack

Anna Barton, University of North Carolina

Emma Briger, Princeton University

Keyara Brooks, Cal State Northridge

Caitlin Buono, Colorado State University

Rebecca Cami

Isabella Carrano

Molly Carter, Indiana University

Alexa Chan, Loyola Marymount University

Caroline Coates, University of Portland

Elie Cole, College of William & Mary

Julia Colombini, Chico State University

Ingrid Corrigan, Columbia University

Bella Cruz, Cornell University

Taylor DeGroff, Princeton University

Abigail Doll

Melanie Evans, Colorado Mesa University

Lauren Ferguson, Hamilton College

Rachael Fitzgerald

Kylie Frame, Vanderbilt University

Jane Friedman

Claire Gallagher, University of Michigan

Kiedra Hall, Whittier College

Malina Hatton, US Military Academy at West Point

Nicole Herrmann, Central Washington University

Grace Johnson, Claremont McKenna College

Skyler Jolie

Lily Keville, Pomona Pitzer College

Claudia Kunney

Natalie Lancaster, Chapman University

Mia Lawrence, University of California, Davis

Lindsey Lee, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Eva Lee Bates College

Erin McCarthy

Amanda Morse, University of California, Berkeley

Marcy Morse, Ohio State University

Samantha Nimmo, Whittier College

Kennedy Pearce, University of Wisconsin

Lana Salve

Bella Scola, Colorado College

Sophie Scola, Bates College

Georgia Scott, Pomona Pitzer College

Abheri Setlur, University of California, Los Angeles

Bailey Smith

Caroline Soja

Charlotte Swisher, Harvard University

Zoe Torok, University of Chicago

Claire Van Dyke, Santa Clara University

Emma Workman, University of Michigan

Caroline Worthington, Pomona Pitzer College

Elizabeth Worthington, University of Oregon

Andrea Zak-Lee, University of California, Berkeley

Alexis Bernazzani

Tobey Budzinski, Oklahoma State University

Sidney Cabaud

Sophia Chong-Ahmed, Central Michigan University

Danielle Costa, Trinity University

Charlotte Dale, University of Detroit Mercy

Clare Finney, Catholic University of America

Sophia Haugh

Chloe Hunter, University of Pennsylvania

Andie Kapiloff, Swarthmore College

Mikela McCauley, Vanderbilt University

Hailie Moore, Central Michigan University

Aleksa Allen, Lindenwood University

Madison Andrews, UC Davis

Lexie Bingman

Audrey Buchanan

Aubrey Portia, Card Fresno State University

Logan Cook

Ali Fullmer, University of California, Davis

River Goucher, Montana State University

Caitlin Hickey, University of Utah

McKinsey Jeppson

Alissa Johnson, Southern Virginia University

Eliza Jorgensen

Katherine Luebbers

Venice Lupus

Alexis Moratalla, University of Utah

Sierra Savage, Central Michigan University

Bretta Stangeland

Ryan Stolfa, University of Denver

Hannah Stowell

Marley Strasters

Maci Thom, University of Hawaii, Maui

Danni Westerman, Fresno State University

Gracie Anderson, Colorado State University Pueblo

Zia Bajwa, University of California, Berkeley

Abigail Bartles

Averi Basso, Fort Lewis College

Amadea Bortoli

Siena Davies, University of California. Berkeley

Tara Davis, Regis University

Kate Denhart, University of Oregon

Emma DeWitt, University of Oregon

Ragen Finklea, Portland Community College/University of Oregon

Erin Free, University of Oregon

Marie Hartfield, Chapman University

Hannah Huchette, Colorado State University Pueblo

Rebecca Kiyokawa, Fort Lewis College

Zahra Sherman

Alex Agnew, University of California, Davis

Jade Borg, Loyola Marymount University

Vanessa Contreras

Summer Diemer

Holly Dixon

Katie Jones

Kiki Kappos

Tara Keene

Sofia Khan

Jillian King, San Jose State University

Ashley Laing, University of California, Davis

Miriam Lebastchi, University of California, Davis

Kathryn Macintyre, University of California, Davis

Victoria Macres, University of Denver
Kayla Morotti

Maxine Parkin, George Fox University

Maggie Price

Izabella Salcido

Alex Steiner, Boise State Universirty

Kaitlin Strain

Abby Tate

Avonna Usher, San Diego State University

Payton Walker

Karlin York, Missouri Western State University

Class of 2018

Kasey Braun, University of Colorado, Boulder

Laura Burke

Susie Bush

Erin Cady, San Diego State University

Rory Callahan, Marquette University

Anna Clarke, Tufts University

Nicole (Nikki) Crenshaw

Nye Day, Boston College

Eliza Dean, Colby College

Brianna Dunn, Texas Christian University

Kathleen Enns

Jacklyn Fischer, Texas Christian University

Makena Garrehy, University of Oregon

Sara Geiken, University of Denver

Olivia Gittings, Occidental College

Brianne (Bri) Gross, Vanderbilt University

Sophie Hartford, University of Oregon

Isabella (Bella) Mchugh, University of Nevada, Reno

Maisy Mills, Claremont McKenna College

Naomi Moskowitz, University of California, Los Angeles

Hayley Ng, University of California, Irvine

Annie Payne

Tatum Rausch, University of Mississippi

Charlie Rudy, University of Colorado, Boulder

Emily Rupright, Washington University in St. Louis

Erin Schafer, Brown University

Maddie Souza, Vanderbilt University

Alicia Vasquez, University of San Diego

Frankie Veverka, University of California, Davis

Alex Wilson, Claremont McKenna College

Abby Wolfenden, Haverford College

Abbi Young, US Naval Academy

Lauren Zelnik, Catholic University of America

Lizzie Bolton

Lauren Buehler

Phoebe Crow

Rachel Hall, Boston College

Lucy Herbert

Emma Holsberg, Tulane University

Kathryn Juntti

Natalie Lane

Maya MacPherson

Emmy McGill, Delaware State University

Hailey Moore

Natasha Perez-Krause, Southwestern University

Molly Pitts

Hayley Reardon, University of Oregon

Bailey Snow

Brooklyn Watson

Gabrielle Gonzalez

Ashley Hendricks

Maeve Wiencek

Jessica Baker, Cal State Long Beach

Kelcie Bonal

Aly De Caro, Savannah College of Art & Design

Kate Donovan

Mary Enos, Oregon State University

Emily Ginnever

Sophie Harger

Hailey Honaker

Gabriella (Gabby) Ippaso, University of Oregon

Skyy Jackson

Jorie Keitges

Navneet Khaira

Mackenzie Montoya

Ashley Mykrantz

Mia Nieves, San Jose State University

Gurpria Nijhar

Colbie Orbea

Ashlinn Phipps

Libby Price

Pariya Rahni

Emma Reed

Coral Richardson, University of California, Santa Cruz

Sidney Salmon

Skylar Schuette, University of Indianapolis

Lainey Sorgea

Rachel Wick

Tara Zamiri

Class of 2017

Sally Abel, Claremont Mudd Scripps

Mariana Alvear, UC Davis

Mia Banducci, San Diego State University

Ashley Barr, Saint Mary’s College

Catriona Barry, Duke University

Sophia Donovan, University of Southern California

Kiley Dyke

Cameron Gordon, University of California, Berkeley/Tulane University School of Law

Zeli Grey, Cornell University

Sadie Grozier, University of Colorado, Boulder

Katie Hawkins

Skylar Herrera-Ross, Vassar College

Taylor Hextrum, Chapman University

Emily Hickey, Chapman University

Vanessa Kemp

Neeve Kennedy, University of California, Berkeley

Emma Knaus, Stanford University

Gracie Kober, University of California, Berkeley

Marissa Leonardi, Colorado Mesa University

Allison Liddle, University of Utah

Hayley Littlefield, University of Southern California

Julia Mueller, Scripps College

Gabriella Noto, Stanford University
Amanda O’Brien University of California, Santa Barbara

Sophia Panella, University of Oregon

Avery Priest, Dickinson College

Darby Read, Dartmouth College

Aisling Roberts, University of Indianapolis

Rebecca Rochlin, University of California, Berkeley

Kendall Shaver, San Diego State University

Danielle Simpson, Colorado Mesa University

Blaire Southmayd, Claremont McKenna College

Lucy Stenovec, Colgate University

Alena Stern, Colorado College

Jacqueline Templeman, University of California, Davis

Destanee Tvedten, Cal State San Marcos

Kailey Wachhorst, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Elizabeth Wagner, University of Southern California

Ashley Ward, University of California, Berkeley

Rachel Wu, University of Pennsylvania

Emma Becker

Lindsay Bing

Brittany Borchers Eastern Carolina University

Bailey Brown, San Diego State University

Eliza Cahill, University of Colorado, Boulder

Olivia Deaver, Winthrop University

Caroline Downham, Robert Morris University

Bailey Jereb, Rockhurst University

Victoria Messmer

Amber Park, Davenport University

Reeya Patel

Isabella Samper, Randolph-Macon College

Tillary Stainton, University of Houston

Nicole Welsh

Ann Nelson, Fort Lewis College

Anna Sassara, University of Redlands

Natalie Shergill

Zoe Smith

Emily Steele, University of Hartford

Sarah Brust

Madelyn Freeman

Lauryn Hardoy

Autumn Mannsfeld, University of California, Davis

Nicole Pugh

Camille Renaud

Kaley Stunz, University of California, Davis

Margarita Whittemore, Chico State University

Class of 2016

Reilly Bolton, US Air Force Academy

Samantha Brasheb, Oregon State University

Sara Cami, Harvard University

McKenna Carter, Duke University

Jayme Chandler

Juliana Clark, Scripps College

Gianna Coffin, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Kamryn Coulter, University of Arizona

Adelyn Dearden, University of California, Davis

Devyn Diolazo, University of California, Berkeley

Cameron Geiger, University of San Diego

Kate Graham, University of California, Davis

Sarah Hagan, Salisbury University

Kelcey Higgins

Ashley Hill, University of Southern California

Keeley Hobson

Elyse Ingram, Colorado State University Pueblo

Carlin Isaacson, Villanova University

Emma Johnson ,Texas A&M University

Sophie Kamanski, University of California, Los Angeles

Allyson Mayle, Boston College

Caitlin McCarthy, University of California, Berkeley

Ryan Murphy, US Military Academy at West Point

Jensen Neff, Stanford University

Amanda Outcalt, University of California, Davis

Jordyn Pandolfo, Fresno State University

Caroline Parkinson

Lauren Pejza, Colorado College

Kyra Pelton, Stanford University

Emilee Pineda, Saint John’s University

Devin Pontious, University of California, Berkeley

Nikky Price, College of William and Mary/University of St. Andrews

Lauren Ramirez

Sara Reid, Claremont McKenna College

Samantha Repstad

Sophia Ross, University of Connecticut

Chelsea Sahami, University of Redlands

Amanda Stapp, San Diego State University

Morgan Taylor, San Diego State University

Sommar Veverka

Kira Weiss, Claremont McKenna College

Marie Whitmore, Occidental College

Emma Young, Loyola Marymount University

Zepora Zangwill

Reilly Armstrong, Aurora University

Meagan Bourque, Pheiffer University

Winifred Brandfield-Harvey, Princeton University

Kaya Coleman

Jillian Dunlap

Shelby Freeh, University of Houston

Sarah Kuo

Bronwynn McGill, US Coast Guard Academy

Lindsey McKone, Northwestern University

Kara Wollmers, Williams College

Madison Wood

Lauren Bensch, Oregon State University/Cornell University

McKenzie Blackwell

Gianni Cannon, University of Southern California

Rowan Chamberlain, University of California, Davis

Samantha Donaghey, Chapman University

Addison Follett

Laurel Maunder, Fresno State University

Maddy Olds, San Diego State University
Alaigra Usher

Courtney Watts, Point Loma Nazarene University

Kacie Weidert, Chico State University

Class of 2015

Kate Abel, Chapman University

Cassie Angeles, Longwood University

Paige Bara, University of Oregon

Amanda Barton, Colorado Mesa University

Janey Berger

Louisa (Lou) Biffar, University of California-Berkeley ’19

Sarah Bloise, Fresno State University

Celia Bolgatz, Oberlin College

Hannah Bollar, University of Pennsylvania

Lauren Burns, Boise State University

Juliana Canevascini

AnnaMarie Carmazzi, Saint Mary’s College

Madi Chavez, San Diego State University

Bridget Coleman, Villanova University

Caroline Concilla

Jacqueline Cooney, Connecticut College

Maddie DeFrino

Alex Dennen, University of Oregon

Audrey Evers, Tufts University

Grace Feinberg, Willims College

Kendall Finnegan, University of Colorado, Boulder

Ariana Gabrielson, Santa Clara University

Caroline Gamble, University of Alabama

Jackie Gilbert, University of Southern California

Alexandra (Alex) Gray, University of California, Los Angeles

Allison Greene

Gigi Guttersen

Meghan Harrington

Ellie Higgins ,Santa Clara University

Mary Hildeburn, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Samantha Holloway

Lauren Jones

Gabbi Klein, University of Southern California
Avery Rose Knight

Samantha (Sammi) LaBella, Colorado State Pueblo

Corinne Lafayette, San Diego State University
Casey Mathews

Anne Mattimore, Georgetown University

Hannah McGillivray, University of California, Berkeley

Alyssa Mueller, Santa Clara University

Sarah Nejedly

Caroline Newman, University of California, Berkeley

Sam Pfaff

Lauren Ramazzini, Oregon State University

Jenna Robinson

Sydney Sobrepena, University of California, Los Angeles

Caroline Tague

Sophie Taylor

Emily Torris, George Washington University

Chloe Tucker, Wellesley College/University of Vermont

Brooke Tyler

Lindsey Weber, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Brigid White, Northwestern University

Caith Wright, University of California, Los Angeles

Summer Adams

Kendall Bernard, Vanderbilt University

Elizabeth Cregan

Sophie Duchesne, Texas Christian University

Cady Roberts, Presbyterian College

Alexandra (Alex) Samper, Stevens Institute of Technology

Clara VanLandingham, Univeristy of Washington

Kristen Vista

Class of 2014

Andrea Arden, Texas A&M University

Natalie Baldacci, University of California, Los Angeles

Carlisle (Carly) Bell, Boston College

Natalie Breuner

Alaina Campbell

Abigail Campion

Madison (Madi) Castelein, Ohio State University

Emily Cattermole, University of Washington

Tiffani Chole

Meaghan Corbin, Ursinus College

Cambrian (Cambi) Cukar, University of Oregon

Alexandria (Allie) DaCar, Stanford University

Ella Dzenitis, Dartmouth College

Kira Ewanich, Northeastern University

Kate Fellner, University of California, Davis

Elise Ferguson, Dartmouth College

Nicole Fernando

Paige Fernando, Texas Christian University

Hayley Forester

Hannah Friel, University of California, Davis

Natalie Godfrey

Shayla Goldlist

Molly Grozier, Marquette University

Kendall Hamilton

Katrina Irey

Lindsey Kail, University of Oregon

Cierra Kocik, San Diego State University

Chloe Landry, University of California, Berkeley

Trish Markey

Mollie Markey, University of Oregon

Kathryn Mattimore

Kelsey Mccarthy

Alexandra McGrath

Sarah Monday

Erin Morrison

Adriana Munoz

Evan Murphy, Claremont McKenna College/University of Oregon

Carly Priest, Holy Cross University

Rachael Purcell

Kady Richardson

Alexandra Robertson, University of California-Berkeley

Tory Salmon

Maddie Spiess

Hannah Stapp, University of California, Berkeley

Juliana Strazulo, Saint Joseph’s University

Shelby Stunkel

Elizabeth Whiteman

Lizzie Whiteman, University of Notre Dame

Amanda Wirfel

Lauren Young

Class of 2013

Arianna (Ari) Barry, Marquette University

Gia Biaggi, Kenyon College

Madeline Brown, Emory University

Cali Castagnola, University of Colorado, Boulder

Morgan Castelein, Ohio State University

Kendra Cheda, Adams State University

Claire Chinn

Kennedy Clark

Cathy Deluchi

Lauren Dougherty, University of Southern California

Carly Feltz

Megan Gandsey, Saint Mary’s College

Ashlynn Goerz, Stanford University

Katherine (KC) Hill, University of California, Davis

Kerianne Hunt, Brown Univesity

Erin Jeffery, San Diego State University

Terese Kevorkian, University of California, Davis

Laura Klein, Stanford University

Molly Kuptz ,Saint Mary’s College

Kelci Lam, University of Arizona

Mary Ma

Tori Mchugh

Ariel McLean, University of California, Davis

Katie Merritt, San Diego State University

Bryanna Miller

Olivia Milne, Wheaton College

Adrianna Nugen

Nicole Paulsen

Danielle Sanchez, Fresno State University

Marigrace Scrivanich, University of Denver

Cecilia Seiter, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Katie Sieverding, Arizona State University

Lucy Skugstad

Shea Wales, Virginia Commonwealth University

Meg Wallace, Georgetown University

Grace Wong

Hailey Zummo, University of California, Santa Cruz

Megan Zummo, Saint Mary’s College

Class of 2012

Angelyn Brown, University of Redlands

Jessica Cameron

Erin Cavalier, Catholic University of America

Christina Coffin, Claremont McKenna College

Jordan Costello

Alyse Cronin, Villanova University

Lauren Davis, University of Colorado

Grace Geller, Pomona Pitzer College

Taylor James, University of California-Berkeley

Hayley King

Tess Mattimore, Skidmore College

Megan McCullough

Maggie McDonnell

Lindsey Pedroncelli

Sierra Perella, Regis University

Savanna Peters, University of Oregon

Alessandro (Peeky) Porfido, Chapman University

Alexa Robinson, Santa Clara University

Catherine Sandusky, Texas Christian University

Shannon Sunnergren, University of Redlands

Lauren Tory, Brown University

Balin Vreeland

Nicole Zelnik, Roanoke College

Class of 2011

Heidi Halsted, Connecticut College

Emily Klein, Brown University

Kaly Leonoudakis

Molly O’Mahoney, Saint Mary’s College

Sierra Perella, Regis University

Sara Quero, University of California, Davis

Class of 2010

Jocelyn Algieri

Maddie Bannon, Claremont McKenna College

Amelia (Chippy) Burke, University of California, Berkeley

Emily Desimone, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Kim Dickens

Shelby Duarte, Linfield University

Lauren Goerz, University of Virginia

Jen Hardy

Jennifer Hofmann, University of California, Davis

Paige Jeffery, University of Oregon

Michaela Lalanne, University of California, Berkeley

Liz Lenczowski, Harvard University

Teresa Li, University of the Pacific

Kat McCormick, Santa Clara University

Hayley Olson, University of California, Berkeley

Annie Ostergard, Santa Barbara City College

Chelsea Randel, University of Oregon

Marie Rice

Rachel Stevens, University of Southern California

Caitlin Takahashi

Class of 2009

Katie Bach

Lauren Bruhn

Emma Fineman

Anastasia Fulleton, Stanford University

Elizabeth Hane, Knox College

Emilia Harband, Franklin & Marshall College

Corinne Kahtor

Jackie Lalanne, University of California, Berkeley

Cammy Loback, Gonzaga University

Julia Saper, Bucknell University

Brittany Schoen, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Amy Stagg

Sarah Weeks, Fresno State University

Class of 2008

Amanda (Nespor) Watson, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Kyun (Saiidnia) Meiling, Georgetown University

Stephanie (Shaffer) Dannebaum, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Morgan (Wiley) McDonald, University of California, Santa Barbara

Kate Bergstrom, Colgate University

Megan Canales, University of Oregon

Dominique Christiansen, University of Oregon

Liz Daly, Kenyon College

Julia Daly

Megan Dawe, University of California, Santa Barbara

Bridget Eldred

Emma Gibson

Susan Gieg

Leah Hammergren, Boston College

Valerie Hamra

Kristyn Hayashi, Johns Hopkins University

Melissa Hong, University of California, Berkeley

Stefani Kawabata, University of California, Davis

Brittany Lafferty, Chico State University

Alyssa Lempesis

Rachel Leonard, University of Pittsburg

Kerry McCulloch, University of Oregon

Rachel Ousley

Katy Pizza

Anna Radoff, Northwestern University

Michelle Rice, University of California, Los Angeles

Jordin Rodondi, University of San Francisco

Paige Scigliano, University of Colorado, Boulder

Melissa Sheehen, University of California, Berkeley/Santa Clara University

Laura Sherwood

Jhenna Voorhis

Emily Walker

Emily Wendell, Williams College

Class of 2007

Christina (Corsa) Perry, University of California, Davis

Ashley Antoon-Algieri ,University of California, Santa Barbara

Rachael Martinez, University of California, Davis

Kjersten Nordmeyer, University of California, Davis

Kelsey Pope