Tenacity Sixes 

Sixes brings the speed and excitement of lacrosse to a smaller, faster and more creative format. This style of play calls for 6 players on the field per team with clears after goals for high intensity, continuous play! Get a team of 10-12 players together for a fun and competitive day of play!


Bay Area:
December 16
Dominican University, 10 AM
Register by November 15


  • 25 minute running games
  • 6 players


  • Games start with a draw, then only clears after goals
  • 1 30 second timeout per team per game, clock does not stop
  • No restraining lines. A team is offsides if their goalie crosses the centerline.
  • There is no shot clock or failure to advance infraction
  • All fouls start on whistle – no self start
  • Mercy Rule: If team A is up by 6 or more goals, then all players must drop back to their defensive zone after a goal and team B is awarded the ball at midfield to restart play


  • HS Gold (Varsity level)
  • HS Silver (JV level)
  • Rising Stars (Middle School 2028-2027)

What’s Included: 

  • 4 Round Robin Games
  • 1 Championship Game for top 2 seeds in each Bracket

25 minute games, start with draw, clears after goals.

$800/team.    $99/Free Agent.