Emerson Bohlig, a proud Tenacity alum, made her Tenacity Project debut as a young sixth grader. Now as a collegiate player, that lime green jersey has been replaced with the iconic Northwestern purple. The legacy that Bohlig left with Tenacity and continues on with the Cats is one of grit and determination.

Bohlig and the Northwestern Wildcats were NCAA National Champions last year and the team is looking to repeat history during this upcoming playoff season. Bohlig emphasizes the importance of her team’s “championship mentality” and credits their success to hard work – both mental and physical.

Finding Northwestern

As a California girl playing high-level club lacrosse, Emerson spent many of her summers traveling up and down the East Coast. She loved what East-coast programs had to offer, and knew she wanted to leave the West for college. As a Northwestern double legacy–with her mother playing Division I field hockey and lacrosse for the Cats–Bohlig felt that Northwestern was “a perfect fit academics-wise and team-culture-wise.” “This is something I could really go for so I just went for it,” stated Bohlig as she recalled how playing for the Cats became “a dream come true.”

Championship Mentality

It’s no secret that the reigning National Champions are under a microscope this season. However, the outside pressure doesn’t phase the Wildcats. The group spends a lot of time and work focusing on their mindset. This team has no time to focus on the outside noise. “We are focusing on playing our best game,” says Bohlig and there is no denying that they are. The Cats, ranked No. 1 in the nation, are on a five-game winning streak and are looking to best No. 11 Johns Hopkins on May 2nd.

Looking Forward

Emerson’s little sister, Sawyer Bohlig, is a current Tenacity 2026 National Team player and Emerson is full of valuable advice for girls like Sawyer entering the collegiate recruiting process. “Ignore the noise,” Bohlig urges. “Don’t doubt yourself. You never know what a coach is looking for in a player.”

Emerson Bohlig and the Northwestern Wildcats are hungry for their program’s ninth national title. As the NCAA tournament kicks off, keep an eye out for Northwestern’s speedy #45 and know that nothing is going to take this program’s eyes off of a National Championship.