Week of July 6th through week of July 27th

Cost: $295/player

Open to any and all 6-12th grade girls.

Special guest appearance by Team USA coach Jenny Levy


As young female athletes look for alternative ways to grow and develop in their sport and as human beings during a time when their moments on the field are limited, we hope to help activate their leadership muscles in a different way.
  • Virtual clinic series: 1 session per week for 4 weeks.
  • Student athletes will work with college coaches in 70 minute sessions that include stations with skillwork instruction, and leadership building curriculum. 
  • Groups of 5 or 6 girls from the same grad year with 1 coach per station.
  • Weekly themes include: Technical and tactical skillwork, Leading yourself, Leading others, Championship habits, and Prioritization. Participants can choose to opt out of activities at any time, for any reason but pro-rated fees are unavailable due to NCAA rules.
  • “Homework” or mini projects will be assigned by coaches between weeks.
  • NCAA Division I and II Coaches will work with middle schoolers.
  • NCAA Division III Coaches will work with high schoolers.

“Above my love for the game and a competitive environment, knowing the difference and influence I can have on my players life’s will forever be my why.”

Riley Smith, Assistant Coach, Wesleyan University

“My why is to cultivate a culture of belonging, inclusivity and diverse perspectives. It is not about “fitting in” it is about “fitting together.”

Katy Dissinger, Head Coach, Trinity College

“To know who you are and what your values are is critical to who you are as a leader.”

Devon Wills, Head Coach, Harvard University

 “I think they’ll get to meet/work with/hear from several different types of leaders with all different paths. I think it will be helpful for them to see that there isn’t one perfect way/method or a perfect leader.”

Katie Woods, Head Coach, UConn

Qualities that your best captains have had: “Loyal. Trustworthy. Passionate.”

Avery Giorgio, Assistant Coach, Trinity College

“Athletes will learn to be uncomfortable and vulnerable and the importance of it, and learn some “championship” skills beyond lacrosse.”

Meredith Black, Head Coach, Marquette University

“ I coach because I know how much of a positive impact I can have on my players, not just on the field but also off the field. I want to lead and serve my players to their greatest potential!”

Gabby Capuzzi, Associate Head Coach, US Naval Academy

Qualities that your best captains have had: “Integrity, loyalty, tough love, competitive.”

Denise Wescott, Assistant Coach, UC Berkeley

 “Thinking about and developing leadership skills will only make players more successful in their everyday lives.  I hope they learn to love the attributes that will, not only progress their lacrosse game, but make them strong team members for whatever team they play on or job they get.”

Susan Stuart Elliott, Head Coach, Colorado College

“I hope athletes would come away with understanding that when you play a sport, you learn so much more than just the x’s and o’s. I hope they learn skills and qualities that will help them in anything they may encounter along the way.”

Alex Frank, Head Coach, Dartmouth University

“I coach to teach the game, infuse my love for the game and then harness the life lessons that come from playing the game.”

Patty Kloidt, Head Coach, Hamilton College

“The best captains have a selfless, genuine, team-first mindset.”

Courtney Shute, Head Coach, Tufts University

“I love seeing people grow and feel fortunate when I can create an environment that fosters growth and self empowerment.”

— Brian Eisenberg, Assistant Coach, Pomona/ Pitzer College

“There are many different ways to be a leader. Being a good and productive leader takes time outside of the field.”

Arianna Kreush, Assistant Coach, Whitman College

“I think it’s important to know that being a captain or leader is much more than a title and it’s a difficult job to have, one that takes confidence being vocal and holding themselves and one another accountable.”

— Kacie Lewis, Assistant Coach, Bryant University


Chris Pardis – Amherst College
Kacie Lewis – Bryant University
Susan Stuart – Colorado College
Alex Frank – Dartmouth College
Maddie Coleman – Denison University
Laura Field – Fairfield University
Patty Kloidt – Hamilton College
Kara Mupo – George Mason University
Devon Wills – Harvard University
Meredith Black – Marquette University
Shelby Fredericks – Northwestern University
Amy Bokker – Ohio State
Jenn Cook – Princeton University
Brian Eisenberg – Pomona-Pitzer College
Amy Bokker – Ohio State University
Kylee White – San Diego State University
Megan Whittle – Stanford University
Katy Dissinger and Avery Giorgio – Trinity College
Courtney Shute – Tufts University
Gabby Capuzzi – United States Naval Academy
Denise Wescott – UC Berkeley
Katie Woods – UConn
Suzanne Isidor – UC Davis
Jenny Levy – University of North Carolina *special guest appearance
Chelsea Gamble – University of Oregon
Riley Smith – Wesleyan University
Arianna Kreush – Whitman College
Alice Lee – Williams College

Week of July 6th through Week of July 27th

Session time options below and each player will have 70 minutes per week


Times and days of week can be chosen during registration.

Email play@tenacityproject.org for a scholarship application