2021 Programs
Tryouts conducted in January and February, resulted in the selection of over 200 girls onto National Teams, Training Academies, and Summer Leagues.
Click here to learn more or read below about each program offered by our non-profit organization. We thank you for your support as we kick off our 2021 year following the spring seasons!

The Academy
No longer tied to Western Winners Showcases, the Academy is stand alone, a training environment for top players in or around the following geographic locations:

Danville, California
Palo Alto, California
Sacramento, California
San Rafael, California
Tampa, Florida
Reno, Nevada
Portland, Oregon
Houston, Texas
Park City, Utah
Seattle, Washington
Advanced girl’s lacrosse players chosen for mixed grade training groups in locations meant to be more local than National Team training. Members of each group will be made up of Tenacity team players, girls from ANY club team program or girls who do not compete on year round club teams. Training frequency will range from 1-2x/week, and is meant to complement training the players may be doing for other sports or local teams. There are limited spots left in each training group and will be filled by invite only through the spring of 2021.
Technical skills, fitness, footwork, small sided tactical work. Coaching Staff to Player Ratio= 10:1
Location dependent, $400-$600 for a minimum of 12 sessions.
Scholarships available!