“Have success and there will always be fools who say that you have talent.”  I’m pretty sure this is my favorite quote EVER (for anyone who knows me, you know why).  We talk about working smart in our Tenacity programs working HARD is something that sets our most successful players apart, and it certainly sets our coaches apart.  It has been very rewarding to watch players who have some natural gifts, but GREAT work ethic, pass up others who might have started with more “talent.”  A great work ethic is something our Tenacity coaches ALL have in common, and they have figured out that this consistent work towards a common goal is the key to becoming the best.  

I’ve watched DANA KILSBY chip away since she joined The Tenacity Project as a full time employee in the fall of 2015, and she’s now leading a region for us south of San Francisco.  She has developed a presence on the field, and she has truly made her presence felt by being involved with the Redhawks, Firehawks, Coyotes, and many of the high school programs on the Peninsula and in areas surrounding San Jose.   Dana’s super power is PRECISION, and less than two years out of college, she is keeping her colleagues accountable for much of what it takes to manage all the teams, camps, and tournaments we run.  Dana clearly has talent, but her work ethic surpasses most of her peers, which is probably what made her a three time All American at Santa Clara University!

ROB BRAY joined Tenacity this past summer after over a dozen years at the University of Oregon and he continues to make the transition from Division I college coaching to youth and high school with a great deal of intentional effort!  In February, Rob was running the drills at the Tenacity Portland tryouts, and he is certainly making his presence felt all over Oregon with the work he is doing with all of our team and camp programs.  He will also spearhead the OGYLA Academy this spring making a mark on player development at the middle school age groups that should raise the entire level of lacrosse in Portland and surrounding areas.  And for us nationally, Rob is leading Tenacity initiatives to use film for player development, and committees for college counseling.    

One of our earliest coaches in Houston, BETH LESTER, is a force us because she’s continued to evolve as a lacrosse coach as time passes- something that is completely necessary in our ever-changing women’s lacrosse game.  Beth puts the work in to learn from college coaches, watch games at all levels, and she’s a presence at both youth and high school games- especially as the Head Coach at Memorial High School.  A former standout at the University of Massachusetts, and a championship player and coach at the high school level in New Hampshire, Beth is an asset to Houston area lacrosse, The Tenacity Project, and every girl she coaches.  We will be touring New England colleges next week to visit Tenacity Alumni and watch college lacrosse, as Beth spends time on her “spring vacation” to watch the best, work hard, and work smart- just like the best of our players!      

We have a lot of incredible people involved in The Tenacity Project, and I will continue to write about them throughout the next few weeks.  I hope that everyone experiences the positivity that comes from being present and also BEING A PRESENCE for young people, because I continue to love my job more every day watching these coaches and girls BE there for each other.  #PlayWithTenacity #CoachWithTenacity  


Theresa Sherry ,CEO & Founder
March 8th, 2017