Games to Watch: 4/10 – 4/16

*ALL game times are in PT*


Tuesday 4/11

Johns Hopkins vs. Stony Brook 2pm- ESPNU
Stanford vs. Fresno State 6pm- PAC 12 Network

Wednesday 4/12

Denver vs. Vanderbilt 1pm- Watch Here
Florida vs. Villanova 10am- Watch Here
Maryland vs. Princeton 4pm- Watch Here
Virginia vs. Navy 4pm- ACC Network Extra- ESPN3

Thursday 4/13

Northwestern vs. Penn State 4pm- Watch Here
Michigan vs. Rutgers 4pm- BTN Network

Friday 4/14

California vs. UC Davis 6pm- PAC 12 Network
Southern California vs. Boulder 5pm- PAC 12 Network
Stanford vs. Oregon 6pm- PAC 12 Network
Elon vs. Drexel 3pm- Watch Here

Saturday 4/15

Maryland vs. Ohio State 9am- BTN Network
North Carolina vs. Syracuse 9am- ACC Network Extra- ESPN3
Northwestern vs. Duke 12:30pm- BTN Network
Villanova vs. Denver 10am- Watch Here
Yale vs. Princeton 10am- Watch Here

Sunday 4/16

San Diego State vs. Colorado 12pm- Watch Here
UC Davis vs. Oregon 12pm- Watch Here 

Games to Watch: 4/3 – 4/9

*ALL game times are in PT*


Wednesday 4/5

Butler vs. Denver 9am 
Loyola vs. Syracuse 1:30pm Watch Here
Marquette vs. Florida 9am
Virginia vs. Maryland 4pm ACC Network Extra (ESPN 3)

Thursday 4/6

Kennesaw State vs. Notre Dame 10am
Ohio State vs. Northwestern 4pm
BTN Network

Friday 4/7

California vs. St. Mary’s 6pm
Pac 12 Network
Colorado vs. Stanford 2pm
Pac 12 Network
Oregon vs. Southern California 1pm
Pac 12 Network

Saturday 4/8

Boston College vs. Duke 10am  Watch Here
Denver vs. Marquette 12pm
Fresno State vs. UC Davis 5pm
Georgetown vs. Vanderbilt 10am
San Diego State vs. Southern California 6pm  Watch Here

Sunday 4/9

Syracuse vs. Virginia Tech 10am ACC Network Extra (ESPN 3)
JMU vs William & Mary 9am


Games to Watch: 3/27 – 4/2

*ALL game times are in PT*


Tuesday 3/28

Harvard vs. Stanford 4pm- Watch Here
Virginia Tech vs. North Carolina 1pm- ACC Network Extra (ESPN 3)
UMBC vs. UC Davis 10am- Watch Here

Wednesday 3/29

California vs. Brown 5pm
Delaware vs. Colorado 3pm- Watch Here
Drexel vs. Penn State 1pm- Watch Here
Maryland vs. Florida 11am- Watch Here
Princeton vs. Syracuse 4pm- Watch Here
Virginia vs. Oregon 4pm- ACC Network Extra (ESPN 3)

Thursday 3/30

Mt. St. Mary’s vs. UC Davis 1pm- Watch Here
Northwestern vs Johns Hopkins 4pm- Watch Here

Friday 3/31

USC vs. Fresno State 4pm- Watch Here
Stony Brook vs. Colorado 4pm- Watch Here
San Diego State vs. Brown 5pm- Watch Here


Saturday 4/1

Florida vs. Vanderbilt 9am- Watch Here
Maryland vs. Michigan 9am-Watch Here
Penn State vs. Ohio State 10am- Watch Here
Virginia Tech vs. Louiseville 10am
Yale vs. Stanford 3pm- Watch Here

Sunday 4/2 

Denver vs. Connecticut 12pm- Watch Here
Drexel vs. UC Davis 9am- Watch Here
Duke vs. Syracuse 10am- Watch Here
Northwestern vs. Penn 9am- Watch Here
Notre Dame vs. North Carolina 9am- ACC Network Extra (ESPN 3)
Princeton vs. Delaware 10am- Watch Here
USC vs. California 2pm- Pac-12 Bay Area
Stony Brook vs. Albany 9am- Watch Here

Games to Watch: 3/20 – 3/26

*ALL game times are in PT*

Wednesday, March 22

-James Madison vs. Virginia (4pm) Watch Here
-Johns Hopkins vs. Vanderbilt (10am)
-Maryland vs. Penn (4pmWatch Here

-Loyola vs. Georgetown (4pmWatch Here

Thursday, March 23

-Michigan vs. Northwestern (2pmWatch Here

Friday, March 24

-San Diego State vs St Marys (7pmWatch Here
-Stony Brook vs. Southern Carolina (4pmWatch Here

-Rutgers vs. Ohio State (4pmWatch Here

Saturday, March 25

-Colorado vs. Fresno State (11amWatch Here
-Florida vs. Denver (9am
-James Madison vs. Maryland (11amWatch Here
-North Carolina vs. Boston College (9amWatch Here
-Virginia vs. Duke (10am)

-Towson vs. Oregon (11:30 amWatch Here

Sunday, March 26

-Northwestern vs. Louisville (9amWatch Here
-San Diego State vs. California (12pmWatch Here
-Southern California vs. Ohio State (9amWatch Here
-Syracuse vs. Notre Dame (9 amWatch Here

Games to Watch: 3/13 – 3/19

Tuesday, March 14
– California vs. Connecticut (3 pm)
– Florida vs. Syracuse (9 am)
– North Carolina vs. Elon (3 pm)

Wednesday, March 15
– San Diego state vs. New Hampshire (3 pm)
– Towson vs. Notre Dame (1pm)
– Colorado vs. Winthrop (2pm)

Thursday, March 16
– UC Davis vs. Colombia ( 5pm)
– California vs. Marquette (3pm)
– Fresno state vs. Quinnipiac (5pm)

Friday, March 17
– Dartmouth vs. Southern California (12pm)
– Oregon vs. Vermont ( 6pm)

Saturday, March 18
– Ohio State vs. Michigan (9 am)
– SDSU vs. Colombia (3 pm)
– Penn vs. Duke (9 am)

Sunday, March 19
– North Carolina vs. Northwestern (9am)
– Colorado vs. Oregon (10 am)
– St. Marys vs UC Davis (12 pm)
– Maryland vs. Johns Hopkins (9 am)
*All Times in Pacific Time Zone

Games to Watch: 3/6 – 3/12

Friday March 10th
Saint Mary’s v Central Connecticut- 4:00pm EST
Where to Watch: Live Stats
San Diego State v St. Joseph’s- 7:00pm PST
Where to Watch: Live Stats

Saturday March 11th
California v William and Mary- 12:00pm PST
Where to Watch: Live Stats or Live in Cal’s stadium
Stanford v UCONN- 1:00pm PST
Where to Watch: Stanford Stadium

Sunday March 12th
Fresno State v Colgate- 1:00pm PST
Where to Watch: Fresno State Stadium
Saint Mary’s v Manhattan- 1:00pm EST
UC Davis v Quinnipiac- 1:00pm PST
Where to Watch: Live Stats or Live at UC Davis Stadium
Colorado v Penn State- 1:00pm EST
Where to Watch: GameTracker

Games to Watch: 2/27 – 3/5

Friday March 3rd
Denver v Colorado- 3pm MST
Where to Watch: Live stats
Presbyterian v Fresno State- 5pm PST

Saturday March 4th
Yale v Harvard- 1pm EST
Where to Watch: Live Stats
Brown v Princeton- 12pm EST
Where to Watch: Live Stats

Sunday March 5th
Marquette v Colorado- 1pm MST
Where to Watch: Live Stats
St. Joseph’s v California- 12pm PST
Where to Watch: Live Stats

Games to Watch: 2/20 – 2/26

Friday February 24th

  • UC Davis v Denver- 1:00pm MT- Where to Watch: Live Stats
  • Saint Mary’s v Robert Morris- 4:00pm EST
  • California v Butler- 4:00pm EST
  • San Diego State v Michigan- 5:00pm EST
  • Stanford v Ohio State-  6:00pm EST-  Watch Here
  • USC v Florida- 6:30pm EST- Watch Here

Sunday February 26th

  • USC v Stetson- 12:00pm EST- Where to Watch: Live Stats
  • UC Davis v Colorado- 12:00pm MT
  • California v Ohio Sate- 12:00pm EST- Watch Here
  • San Diego State v Detroit Mercy- 12:00pm EST
  • Saint Mary’s v Butler- 12:00pm EST
  • Oregon v Fresno State- 1:00pm PST

Games to Watch: 2/13 – 2/19

Friday, February 17

Colorado v UMASS- 1:00pm EST.
Where to watch: Live Stats

Saturday, February 18th

Northwestern v USC- 12:00pm PST.
Where to watch: Live Stats

Stanford v Duke- 4:30pm CST.
Where to watch: Live Stats

Maryland v Georgetown- 10:00am EST
Where to watch:

Sunday, February 19th

Fresno State v Mercer- 11:00am EST
Where to watch: Live Stats

Colorado v Stetson- 12:00pm EST
Where to watch: Live Stats

California v Oregon- 3:00pm PST.
Where to watch:

Cincinnati v Ohio State- 11:00am EST
Where to watch: Live Stats