Dear Girls,

I am so sorry for the circumstances that have caused the cancellation of your seasons. You have worked your whole lives for moments that you will miss, after you have shown us glimpses of the brilliance we were about to watch unfold in April and May. I hope you can hang onto the awesome moments in the early games because nothing can take those from you.

One of my coaches always said, “expect the unexpected.” This pandemic is the most unexpected thing I bet you could imagine, and yet, you still have a choice in how you respond. The quicker we all can make the shift from sadness to determination, we can use the emotion to do our part in keeping our communities safe. It is time to shift the sense of urgency usually saved for training and game day, to seeking and heeding advice from healthcare officials.
It’s time to think of this as our National Championship moment, and we need to do a full field ride (or full court press) on this COVID-19 thing, slowing the ball (the spread) so that healthcare systems can catch up.  It’s time to understand that our teammates- in sports and in life- need us to work for this different achievement.
  • If our decisions now can keep a parent, grandparent, professor, coach, or teammate alive, will you do what it takes?
  • If our preventative measures mean keeping hospital beds available for someone else, will you do everything you can?
Read, watch, and investigate with a discerning eye, but know that it’s not just about you currently feeling healthy. It’s about the global community that you want alive to support you the rest of your life. If staying the heck away from other people means more of your loved ones will live longer, then do that. It’s not passive, it’s proactive, and it’s a moment where you must lead.
Win the moment. This is your Natty C.
Love, T
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