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March Madness: Staff Profiles

On a recent staff call, awesome women in California, Texas and Oregon spent over an hour sharing ideas about the game of lacrosse.  They talked about changes at the college level and how those changes could be incorporated into our Tenacity practices.  Not the rules, but the trends.  How has the fast break changed?  Why does transition play look so different?  Will those changes naturally trickle down to the high school game?  They talked about how to challenge the sharpest player on the field without leaving the newer players behind, and then they got into the gritty details, sharing cradling routines and discussing the efficiency of conditioning at practice.

If the girls are the heart of Tenacity, our staff members are the bones.  They are essential to keeping the programs running smoothly, but more than that, they create and uphold the values on which everything else hangs.  They develop our curriculum, balance our budgets, work tirelessly to represent our girls during the recruiting process, spread the word about the Tenacity Project in new cities, and they define our culture—a culture that sets us apart.

Over the month of March, we’ll be featuring four stellar staff members on our Tenacity blog.  These are women with a contagious passion for lacrosse and awesome advice for players and coaches alike!  Check back here to get the inside scoop!

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Alumni are our ambassadors to the world.  They take what it means to be part of the community, distill it into their own unique brand of something—tenacity, say, or resilience, or empowerment—and they bring it with them wherever they go.  Someone in Saratoga, New York has probably never heard of the Tenacity Project, but just might share a class with Tess Mattimore.  A little girl in Scotland will probably never wear a Tenacity uniform, but her coach, Lauren Goerz, will show her what it takes to be a fighter, a teammate, a champion, a woman.

In 2007, Tenacity had 80 players, ranging in commitment and skill levels.  I imagine it a little like a kaleidoscope—the individual pieces shifting like crazy, the colors (the message) big and beautiful and strangely consistent.  By 2015, we had 450 girls participating in team programs and thousands impacted by our camps, clinics, tournaments, and coach/player development initiatives.  We’ve graduated over 225 girls in the Bay Area, Sacramento and Houston, with over 100 girls playing at the college level.  They’re pursuing big dreams and we’re proud to have helped pushed them out of the start gate.  The kaleidoscope is bigger now, with new windows, new arms, new shards of color all over the world, the pieces everywhere a little more fixed, the light more constant, but still—bright!  So thanks, alumni.  You’re kind of our greatest product.