Dear Athletes,
A little over a week ago, you made us pay attention. You jolted us awake with the platform that is unique to sports, and it felt like a major catalyst for much of the country. I thank you for the leadership you showed in those moments, and are continuing to show in these uncertain times.
I hope you can recognize that while you feel the loss of your seasons, your careers, your comeback moments, and your championship runs, we gained a whole generation of leaders. In the way you were forced to handle a certain amount of anguish last week, and in your choices day after day in coming weeks and months, you are developing tools that you will never lose.
Maybe it will feel better if you can see your lessons not as a result of traumatic loss, but as a result of a “go to player” moment. You were given the ball at a crucial point in a game, and when you are called upon again, you will be ready to make tough decisions with conviction.
Please recognize and remember the important role you played in making the world pay attention, and what kind of potential impact your voice and your presence can make in the future. We watch sports. We follow sports. We listen to those who play them at the highest levels.
Thank you for leading, thank you for continuing to help flatten the curve.
Keep going.
Theresa Sherry
CEO, The Tenacity Project